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  • Now love

    By Dj555597474849
    ive never tried i know playing it so great for listening
  • Missing albums with now that's what i call music love in purchase history.

    By JamieARose
    Quite good album. but apple store needs to stop removing the old albums or make it as a diffrent name with the year and it wont get deleted. cause it's being removed from our purchased history. Evan though we buy it then gets removed cause artists make a new album to the same name to the one last year. and we want to keep the albums we buy not to have it deleted. And that a waste of money to buy a new one every year. Albums are bought to keep for ever in the purchase history so if our devices go wrong the operating system crashs and we have no way of restoring our data cause of it being deleted from the history. and the same goes to apps to. that's why i only import cd's onto iTunes that way i don't have to worry of it being deleted from the store purchase history if it's the same name i rename it by adding the year date.
  • Really?!

    By -09-
    Is this even a love album without a Leona Lewis track?
  • Rubbish

    By Applehead1.
    Loads missing
  • sad

    By Abdkwnrnskqlfpqjtbslfbencjwnf
    this whole album reminded me of joshleen so now I'm just sad and want to crawl down a hole and sob for a few hours, maybe days or weeks even! #ad
  • Absolutely perfect.

    By simonio1
    That is , if you're a desperate single who is looking for love. When you give up , this is the perfect album to play in the car as you tape the hose from the exhaust into your slightly open window. This shite should be banned.
  • OK but...

    By hadji87
    Some songs on there aren't even love songs. 1. You don't need Ellie Goulding on there twice 2. The closest to a love song Jess Glynne has done is "Take Me Home", not "Hold My Hand" 3. The closest to a love song Calvin Harris has done is "Feel So Close", not "How Deep Is Your Love" 4. The closest to a love song Jason Mraz has done is "I Won't Give Up", not "I'm Yours" 5. The closest to a love song Justin Timberlake has done is "Not A Bad Thing", not "Cry Me A River" 6. "Pillowtalk" has got nothing to do with love 7. You should postpone the release of this album till February for the Valentine's market