Man of the Woods - Justin Timberlake

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Justin Timberlake

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2018-02-02
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 16
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Title Artist Time
Download Filthy Justin Timberlake 4:53
Download Midnight Summer Jam Justin Timberlake 5:12
Download Sauce Justin Timberlake 4:05
Download Man of the Woods Justin Timberlake 4:03
Download Higher Higher Justin Timberlake 4:18
Download Wave Justin Timberlake 4:24
Download Supplies Justin Timberlake 3:45
Download Morning Light (feat. Alicia Ke Justin Timberlake 4:03
Download Say Something (feat. Chris Sta Justin Timberlake 4:38
Download Hers (Interlude) Justin Timberlake 1:01
Download Flannel Justin Timberlake 4:49
Download Montana Justin Timberlake 4:39
Download Breeze Off the Pond Justin Timberlake 4:11
Download Livin' Off the Land Justin Timberlake 4:53
Download The Hard Stuff Justin Timberlake 3:15
Download Young Man Justin Timberlake 3:45


  • Best album not!!!

    By mary jess
    Just retire
  • Nope

    By SconeXo
    I literally like 2 songs on this album and there’s too much talking at the start of tracks.
  • Great album

    By Evanst10
    Every song sounds different...this is how an album should be..reinventing himself again! Brilliant!! Something I can’t have...just love it!!
  • in the middle

    By alcxxiphone
    love his new country sound but think the albums a little miss match, would of rathered him go all one way rather than a dash of country then a dash of r&b then a dash of this and that .... listening through the album its just a bit all over the place ..... personally i think he should of swug all contry, love that sound and i think it works for him but thats just me, or stick at what hes good at but this album doesnt really know what it is. in my oppionin, i wont be buying the hole album
  • Not great

    By AndrewStokes
    Could be better
  • Not what I had in mind.

    By §Hackerz§
    Blimey, what woods has JT been visiting?!
  • Lost direction

    By GhostDragon33
    Not on the same level as songs like ‘Can’t stop to feeling’ or ‘Take back the night’.
  • F off haters

    By Charlienofear
    Every artist takes a different direction sometime in there career and if u don’t like jts then DONT LISTEN!!!!!!!and I hate how this has such a bad review just cause so many people didn’t like ONE SONG???GOD if you like at least one song on this album give it at the lowest 3 stars cause it’s a good album,not as good as his others but good
  • Classic

    By rODIUM
    Album has confirmed Justin’s place as a bonafide
  • Dustbin Timberlake

    By dannyashraf.
    He and his fans think he’s some kind of revolutionary when actually he copies Prince and Michael Jackson. The music on this album is also over produced and sounds cluttered. Worst Super Bowl performance I’ve ever seen.